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Why You Can't Seem To Get The Butt You Want

Shapely, strong glutes are all the rage. They’re in! But, knowing exactly how to get a firm, lifted booty can be quite complex. 

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3 Ways to Practice Safe Sun; Why you're probably doing it wrong

It’s May, which means spring is in full force. The birds are chirping, the flowers are blooming, baby animals are everywhere, and people just seem to be a hell of a lot happier. All of this happens because of my second favorite “s” word …sunshine.

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Meet the SQUAD: An Interview with Tahnee Peppenger

I wanted to check-in with Tahnee on what she does on a daily basis, what it's like being a woman in the weight room, and how in the hell she stays so motivated. I'm so excited to have her on TWR as my first guest in a new monthly series I call Meet the SQUAD

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