The big day is finally here.

From the guest list, to the ceremony, and everything in-between, the months (and sometimes years) of hard work that went into planning your wedding day are about to be recognized and celebrated.

banish bloat

As a holistic health and fitness coach, a lot of the women I work come to me wanting to lose some weight in preparing for their wedding. Some of the key components we focus on in the time leading up to the big day are upping their workouts, dialing in their nutrition and staving off stress. Although these things are important to getting "wedding ready", one of the most important and pivotal times for a bride's health is often overlooked…the actual wedding day.

Food is one of the most important things to incorporate before you say, “I do.” And sadly, it’s often overlooked because even though you want nothing more than to fit perfectly into your wedding dress, eating should be priority number one on the day of your wedding. Yep, I said it; priority numero uno.

what to eat to get rid of bloat

A lot of bride’s think that eating on the day of their wedding will only make them bloated, puffy and lackluster in front of the camera. And some gals just forget about food altogether amidst the chaos of decorating, organizing and trying to get ready.

Without the right nutrients, there will be more harm done than good; your energy levels, stress response and overall attitude will suffer. And trust me, no one likes a “hangry” bride.

Before you walk down that aisle, here are three tips to remember when it comes to eating on your wedding day. And just because you rock? I've also included a fool-proof wedding day meal plan that any bride (or anyone, for that matter) can follow in order to beat the bloat, stay energized and make sure the best day of your life lives up to its name.

how to beat wedding day bloat

Tip 1: Hydrate!

…and no, I’m not talking about champagne and mini vodka shots (that comes later).

I’m talking about water! For a whole week leading up to your wedding, aim for at least half of your bodyweight in ounces of water per day. As for the day of, sip your water throughout the day in order to beat a bloated belly. Try to avoid chugging water, which will only add to your belly bloat.

Tip 2: Don’t Skip Breakfast

They weren’t lying when they said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and it’s no different on the day of your wedding.

Make sure to eat a light breakfast within an hour or two of waking up. This will keep the nerves at bay and help your energy levels throughout the crazy morning. A mixture of fats and protein is usually a safe bet. Try and stick with foods you are used to eating, as you don’t want some random food messing with your digestion.

Tip 3: Fat is Your Friend

The right kind of fat is a belly friendly food.

As one the most nutritionally dense macronutrients, healthy fats will balance your blood sugar levels, regulate hormones, and give you lasting, sustained energy…aka help you avoid a major bridezilla moment. Make sure to consume a healthy fat at every meal or snack such as avocado, chia seed, hemp seed, sprouted nuts/nut butter, and olive oil.

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In order to feel and look your best on one of the biggest days of your life, nutrition should be priority number one. These tips will help you reduce bloat, manage stress and feel your absolute best...Because saying, “I do” should be done on a full (and happy) stomach.

XO, Cass