Quick & Clean: How To Order Healthy-ish At Jimmy John's

I'll be profiling some of the most well known fast food joints around in my #QuickandClean series, showing you how to eat healthier when you're craving crave fast food or need something to eat while on the road! 

Jimmy John's...JJ's...The fastest food you will ever come across.

If you know me at all (or if you follow my snapchat), then you know how much I love Jimmy John's. It's my go-to "fast food" whenever I get home from work super late or whenever I crave a sandwich...which is every other day.

healthy fast food

Yes, I am well aware that Jimmy John's doesn't serve kale nor do they care about local ingredients that are minimally processed. BUT when life happens, you just have to roll with the punches and do the best you can. They don't call it balance for nothing.

So how do you order healthy at Jimmy John's?

Since Jimmy John's is a quick and easy option when the resources just aren't available, there are some key things you should keep in mind when ordering. 

First off, resist the temptation to get the French bread. Yes, the deliciously, white, processed, ooey-gooey, French bread. This is step one in my fail-proof process to ordering from JJ's. Check out my 4 steps below to ordering healthy-ish at Jimmy John's and still keep your health and taste-buds in check.

how to order healthy at jimmy john's

Step 1: The Unwich

The unwich option on the Jimmy John's menu is almost hidden so it's often overlooked. With this option, they don't use bread to wrap your sandwich in...they use lettuce leaves!

Step 2: The Insides

I almost never order off the menu as I usually create my own combination. Some key things to remember are you should start with a protein, whether that's turkey or ham, and then build from there. If you don't do dairy, stay away from the cheese and the mayo. If you like avocado, then definitely add their avocado spread for those healthy fats (the only ingredients are avocado, onion, salt, cilantro, and garlic....WHAT!) Then, add all the veggies as this is where your fiber and extra nutrients will come from.

Step 3: The Sauce

In addition to the avocado spread, I like to add mustard and sometimes their italian vinaigrette. I tend to stay away from their mayo and usually add my own primal kitchen mayo when I get home. 

Step 4: The Extras

This is where I get a big fat pickle...which, in my opinion, is the best part of eating a sandwich. I try (keyword: try) and stay away from the chips.

My exact order 9 times out of 10: The Club Lulu unwich with no mayo, extra cucumber, extra tomatoes, easy hot peppers, extra avocado spread, and a pickle in half!

Now, excuse me while I go grab me a sammy <3

XO, Cass

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