Matcha Ginger Mule

This healthy cocktail uses Matcha Bar matcha powder for a dose of antioxidants, the Ginger-Lemon Health-Ade Kombucha for less sugar and more flavor, and a hint of honey to really bring it to life! It’s also great without any alcohol - it tastes just as good.


matcha ginger healthy moscow mule




Place the matcha into a bowl and add in a ¼ cup of water. Use a matcha whisk (or something similar) to mix the matcha thoroughly into the water. You want to make sure there are no chunks. Set aside.

Fill a copper cup (you can use a mason jar if you don’t have a copper mug!) with ice. Add in vodka, kombucha, honey, and matcha mixture. Stir continuously until well mixed. Top with sparkling water. Garnish with straw and lemon wedge.

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