Start, Stop, Continue; How to do more of what you love

how to do more of what you love using the start, stop, and continue method

“So how do you create your own business, make your own schedule, and do more of what you love?”

That’s the number one question I get from people looking to shake up their current routine. And, I’ll be honest; I never really know what to say.

From the outside, it may seem like I have it all figured out. I work from my computer, travel a couple times a month, go on hikes at 1 o’clock in the afternoon, and I don’t have to set an alarm on a daily basis. Pretty legit, right?

Well, sort of.

Don’t get me wrong. I absolutely love the life I’ve worked hard to build these past 5 years and really wouldn’t change much. BUT, there are always things I’m continuously improving on in my work/life balance in order to grow as a person and thrive as an entrepreneur.

I’m also a “big picture” kind of gal as I always look ahead at the overall vision or the next opportunity. Very rarely do I hone in on the now and look at what’s currently working in my business.

Last July (when I took the leap full-time), I knew that habit needed to change.

The Start, Stop, Continue Method

That’s when I came upon an activity called Start, Stop, Continue (SSC). Now, almost a year later, it’s a feedback technique I’m constantly pulling out of my toolbox in order to do more of what I love….or at least take one step closer to getting there.

SSC is a behavior change method meant to get you clear on what’s working, what’s not, and how you can move forward with the action items that will. I recommend doing this method at least once a quarter, if not once a month, to begin taking actionable steps to improving your work/life situation.

I’ll show you an example below, but here’s how to do it. 



The easiest place to begin is with the Start section. Ask yourself what do you want to start doing in your business? In your life? In your health? These are the items that have been on your to-do list forever, or the things you’ve never done before, but want to start.

Just remember, nothing is off limits.


This is my favorite section. It helps you define what exactly is taking up space and energy in your life that doesn’t bring you joy. Now remember, there is a difference between money and joy. Sometimes what brings you money, doesn’t always bring you joy and vice versa. Think about what you would cut out from your workday? What brings you stress at home? What do you always push back or procrastinate on? This, babe, is what you need to stop doing.


Finally, the Continue section. This is the time to identify what activities continuously bring you positive results, and more importantly, what you consistently enjoy. They should give you life, and you should look forward to doing them over and over again. Ask yourself what responsibilities are most fulfilling? What tasks do you tend to complete first and foremost? What do you look forward to? These are the things you must continue to do.

Below is an example of my most recent Start, Stop, Continue exercise to help you get a feel for how to do it. Like I said, nothing is off limits.

start stop and continue method to start doing more of what you love

So what’s next?

Well, it’s pretty simple. Start doing the things you want to start, stop doing the things you want to stop, and continue doing the things that bring you joy.

how to do more of what you love using the start, stop, and continue method
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Make action items to get where you want to be. Be specific, be timely, and be realistic in how exactly you are going to do them. Write them down. Spell them out. Keep reminders in your bathroom, in your car, on your desk. Do whatever it takes to keep yourself accountable.

Because the only person responsible for your own happiness, is Y-O-U.

xx, Cass

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