A Wellness Event Dedicated To Community; A recap of Girl Talk-Bozeman

a wellness event in bozeman montana dedicated to finding your community

On a sunny Sunday afternoon this past January, the second-ever Girl Talk event came to life in the heart of Downtown Bozeman. Let’s just say, it was more than I could have imagined.

After planning and hosting my first Girl Talk this past August (check out the full-recap here), I learned a hell of a lot. Of course, the event itself went very well and everyone had a great time, but the things I took away from that experience led to making the second one bigger, better, and more meaningful than before.

So what is Girl Talk?

For those that have never had the chance to experience Girl Talk (yet), it’s a wellness event where woman come together to move on the outside and work on the inside.

Girl Talk for the girls looking to connect with a like-minded, wellness community, for the girls wanting to find their own girl squad - through real, relatable connections, and for the girls who think being healthy is really fucking cool.

That's what this wellness event is all about; bringing women together to collectively nourish our bodies and find out what a healthy community truly means.

Read about how I came up with the idea for Girl Talk here.

Why Community Matters To Me

If you haven’t noticed yet, I’m sort of obsessed with community. Whether it’s digital, social, real life, wellness, or business-related – I've realized that community matters in all areas of my life. The support, comfort, and guidance that comes from having a community can lead to a more prosperous and healthy lifestyle.

Trust me, I know this for a fact.

After losing my dad at age 22, I felt extremely secluded. Most of my best friends lived states away, I felt like I had no one to open up to, and no one provided the support I really needed. Then, after years of being unhappy and feeling lost, I decided that instead of searching for a squad, I was going to create one.

Girl Talk is the result of that realization. I wanted to give other women a chance to discover their community by bringing them together for a day of wellness, authentic connection, and real conversation.

The Recap

This past January, it happened for the second time ever. 

On one gorgeous Sunday afternoon, 50 like-minded women came together at Ekam Yoga in the heart of Downtown Bozeman. They were greeted at the door with hugs (of course) and delicious kombucha thanks to Townshend's Teahouse.

After I gave a quick introduction and said my thank you's, the ladies of Pure Barre Bozeman kicked things off with a 30-minute barre class that definitely brought the sweat to the surface. 

After barre, Nicole Wild and Texel Feder led a 30-minute light yoga flow to cool everyone down and melt away the stress.

After we moved, it was time to eat...and eat we did! Food For Thought made all of the delicious noms, including beet chips and hummus, mini falafel bites, and a triple berry salad topped with the most to-die-for granola bites. We also had KIND bars and Justin's peanut butter cups

The food would not have been possible without the support from Shaun McManus of New York Life. Thanks, Shaun!

We also had the best juices by Suja Juice (uhm, have you tried their lemon water??!) and, of course, some extra libations provided by Montucky Coldsnacks

The vibe was high.

During this time, the girls had the opportunity to shop the vintage finds and hand-distressed denim by my girls of Fawn + Co as well as hop in the GIRL SQUAD photo booth sponsored by Club Pilates-Bozeman

P.S. My balloon letters kept flying away, and at one point, I'm pretty sure it read "GRL SQAD" ...oops!

Once everyone got something to eat, it was time to get to know the squad with a quick small group discussion led by our amazing panel members. 

Then, after a quick beer break, it was time for my favorite part; the panel discussion.

a wellness event in bozeman montana dedicated to finding your community

My panel members were very different, yet collectively badass. That's what makes this type of event so special - each person sharing a different story, a new perspective, and a unique outlook on life.  

Topics that were discussed ranged from body positivity, lifestyle practices, and being a woman business owner. But, one theme that was evident throughout the entire event was be who you are and love every part of it. The comparison, the judgement, the self-doubt, and the "noise" should never play a part in our own health, wellness, and happiness journey. The power is you.

After sharing in conversation, it was sadly time to pack up and leave. But first, the goodie bags!

And these goodies bags were gooooood - pun intended. There were free classes to some of the best studios in town, #GIRLGETAFTERIT swag, stickers, discounts, and goodies to take health and wellness home.

Then, just like that, it was over (insert crying emoji here).

Even though I have only hosted two Girl Talk events ever, they have become my favorite thing in the world. I can't wait to share more with you all in the future, both in Bozeman and beyond, as this is merely the beginning.