Finding Your Squad; A full-recap of Girl Talk-Bozeman

I can't believe the first ever Girl Talk is over and done (insert crying emoji here).

The idea started this past May as I was traveling home from a creative conference I went to in New York City called Create + Cultivate. C+C is a 1-day conference for female entrepreneurs in the digital and creative space. During the conference, I heard from some influential speakers, networked my butt off, and had the most amazing time connecting with "my people."

During that plane ride home, I was flowing with energy and inspiration. By the time I touched down back in Montucky, my notebook was chalk-full of scribbles, phrases, taglines, colors, names, ideas, you name it. It was a brain dump of magnificent sorts.

girl talk bozeman wellness event for a women's only community

That's literally how Girl Talk came about; a messy notebook with nothing but dreams of forming a real and relatable community in the wellness realm. I took bits and pieces of all the workshops, conferences, networking events, and seminars that I have attended in the past and decided to create something new, something wellness-based.

Then, after going back and forth about whether or not people would find this event as interesting as I did, I somehow convinced myself to start planning one and actually go for it. 

Who cared if no one would wanted to go? At least I tried...

But that wasn't the case at all. Girl Talk sold out in 32 hours. 

After realizing there was a serious need for community in the women's health and wellness world, I made it my mission to make this Wellness Rookie event the best one yet, and I couldn't be more happy with how it turned out.

I mean, of course there are a few things I'll change around for next time, but overall, I saw 40+ women come together in a welcoming space, open up, have fun, learn from other women who have "been there too", and walk away with more meaningful connections than when they walked in. That, my friends, is what community is all about.

The event started off with everyone checking in, laying down their mats, and grabbing some yummy Kombucha provided by Townshend's Tea. Then, (after a little music glitch) Nicole Wild led us through a challenging, but invigorating flow. After getting sweaty, we noshed on some healthy food provided by LaHood Park (aka my mom), and got our hair braided by the gals of Zuri Salon. Next up was the panel discussion with 6 of my favorite wellness ladies, moderated by myself. We chatted about everything from body image to taking a step back from working out. After time started to run out (I swear I could have chatted with them foreverrr), all the gals went home with some really rad goodie bags, new connections, and some of the best hugs I've had.

support your local girl gang as community is what it's all about

As I'm still riding on a high, I wanted to give you some images from the first ever Girl Talk shot by my gal pal Logan Magee. She captured the space (at BASH-Bozeman), the energy, the events, and the community so incredibly well that I had to share it with all of you.

Will there be more? Absolutely.

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