10 Workouts You Must Do In Bozeman, Montana

workouts to try in bozeman montana

Bozeman, Montana, is the town I’ve been calling home for the past few years.

Since I’m a local to the Bozeman area, I definitely want to start talking about it more by sharing some Bozeman love on the blog with each and every one of you.

So whether you’re new to this town, have lived here for 30 plus years, or have Bozeman on your travel to-do list (which you definitely should), get ready for more blog posts about this tiny, yet abundant, Montana town.

This leads me to my next topic…really great workouts and where to find them in Bozeman, Montana.

Let’s face it; Montana in general is usually 5 steps behind the rest of the country (which I’m totally okay with). There isn’t thousands of fitness studios or all of the latest health trends around every corner (will someone please open up a cryotherapy spot?!). Because in Bozeman, you have to search a little.

With new fitness studios popping up as well as actually getting to really know this area, I’ve definitely discovered the best workouts to do in Bozeman. This has slowly led me to discover the town of my dreams, one sweaty workout at a time.

So just for you, I’ve rounded up my top 10 workouts to do in Bozeman, Montana, and some insider tips for each one.  Check them out below and let me know if you have any other workouts you love that I missed! I would love to try them out.

1. The  College “M” Trail

The M trail is a short hike located 5 minutes North of Bozeman in the Bridger Mountain Range. The total hike is just shy of 2 miles, but there are two routes you can do. To get a good workout in, I recommend hiking the “hard way” up (to the right of the trailhead), and then trail running down the “easy way.”  If you are feeling ambitious, wear a weighted vest or complete the loop twice. It’s a sure way to make you sweat!

Also since it is so close to town, it can get pretty busy. I recommend avoiding the trail on weekends and after work on weeknights.

2. Zephyr Cycling Studio

My obsession for indoor cycling was fueled by Soul Cycle (of course) a few years ago when I went to my first class in Greenwich, CT. The way they paired your movement to the music in a dimly lit room gave me all the feels.

When I got back to Bozeman, there was no cycling option like that at all so I would only get to enjoy a spin class when I went on vacation…until this past May.

Earlier this summer, my friend Carolyn opened up Zephyr Cycling Studio and completely changed the game for me. Her studio is gorgeous, the instructors are rad (try Carolyn’s Uplift class or Jackie’s Revolve), and the classes are badass.

PC Whitney Kamman

PC Whitney Kamman

3. Bobcat Stadium

So, I have this thing with stadium stairs. Ever since college (I went to Washington State University), I have always loved running the football stadium. Maybe it stems from being an athlete growing up or just my love of sweat, but being in the stadium, on a football field, running stairs has definitely been my jam.

Now, the stadium at Montana State is a bit smaller than the one at WSU, but it can still pack a definite punch. The only trick to this is figuring out the hours of Bobcat Stadium. Technically, the stadium isn’t open to the public on a regular basis so you have to be sort of strategic with your workouts. I recommend going early in the morning as the football team is usually out there practicing and the main gates are left open. Or, if all else fails, bring a step stool.

Wait, did I just say that? ;)

stadium stair workout

4. Ekam Yoga

Ekam Yoga is another new studio that opened up earlier this year, and I’m SO thankful they did.

Before Ekam opened its doors in June, the yoga studios in Bozeman were all very similar. Calm, quaint studios with calm, charming classes. Which is totally fine, as I absolutely love me some mellow yoga from time to time. But what I wanted was something challenging, something that was going to push me, and something that would actually get me closer to my goals. That’s where Ekam came in.

Studio owner, Bailey Evans, has an incredible studio (complete with showers!), a rockstar lineup of instructors, and a badassery about her that definitely pushes the boundaries of conventional yoga. I recommend checking out her Monday/Wednesday night “We Flow Hard” where she plays hip-hop and makes you do weird (but good) flows.

ekam yoga bozeman montana

5. Pete’s Hill

The trail system in Bozeman is pretty rad. Pete’s Hill is one of the most popular ones. Located right behind the public library, this hill is a great 3-4 mile loop that offers a diverse terrain complete with hills, flats, single-tracks, and paved paths.

My favorite way to do this run is by starting behind the library and running the trail counter-clock-wise, where you finish right behind the library once again. Then, end the workout with 5 hill sprints of your choice. Don’t worry; there are lots of hills to choose from.

petes hill run bozeman montana

6. Like Iron Strength & Performance

Started by two brothers from Ennis, Montana, Like Iron Strength and Performance is my gym of choice when it comes to throwing some weight around. They are knowledgeable, available, and have some of my favorite equipment to work with when it comes to getting stronger.

Jackson and Wes are two guys who have a wealth of knowledge under their belts. They are also very holistic with their approach to strength and performance; offering well-rounded advice that not only applies to workouts in the gym, but fitness as a whole lifestyle. I recommend checking out their “Free Friday’s” which occur every Friday from 6-8 PM where you can stop by and sweat for free!

like iron strong gym bozeman montana

7. The Downtown Parking Garage

Yep. This spot is one of my favorite unconventional gyms in town. Even though it’s only 4 stories high, there are multiple ways you can get a great workout in.

I recommend running up one side of the stairs to the top. Then, running on the top level to the other side and back down the other staircase. You can repeat this 4-5 times depending on your fitness level.

Another great addition is to add in some sprints on the top level or some core work in-between stair sets. Also, make sure you either go before 8 AM or after 8 PM as to avoid the most amounts of cars, people, and skateboarders as possible.

parking garage workout

8. Train Hard Bootcamp

Hands down the best bootcamp in Bozeman

My gal pal, Sarah Dennis, of Train Hard Fitness is one of the best trainers in town. When I first got my CPT, Sarah took me under her wing for a few months and taught me so much about the body, weightlifting, programming, and how to do it all effectively. She transfers over that knowledge, energy, and variety to her bootcamps classes.

The bootcamps are every Tuesday and Thursday at 6 AM at Lindley Park (in the summer) and at Access Fitness (in the winter).

photo by Train Hard, LLC

photo by Train Hard, LLC

9. Early Morning Walks

Sometimes, fitness doesn’t have to be fancy or hard. One of my favorite things to do is wake up before the rest of the world, grab some coffee, and go for a walk in Downtown Bozeman. I’ve been doing this weekly by picking a new neighborhood or street to walk down. I’ve discovered some really cool houses as well as restaurants, parks, and businesses I didn’t even know existed. It’s also a great way to decompress before the day begins.

10. Pure Barre Pop-Ups

Pure Barre has been around for a while. They were one of the first fitness studios I got into when I moved back to Montana after college. As of lately, they are hosting some amazing, fun, and different type of workouts called pop-up’s. These have been “popping up” all over town this summer; from tucking at a taproom to barre-ing at Beal Park. With a couple more left this summer, be sure to keep an eye out for all of their event announcements coming up!

PC Pure Barre Bozeman

PC Pure Barre Bozeman

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Have you tried the workouts I listed above?

Or do you have any other workouts you love in Bozeman that I didn't list? Let me know! Would love to hear about them and give them a go!

XO, Cass