My Natural Skincare Routine and Why I Made the Switch

Did you know at one point I was a Beautycounter rep?

a natural and easy skincare routine that uses non-toxic and organic ingredients for better skin

This was a couple of years ago when the company was beginning to gain ground. I was recruited through a fellow health and wellness gal who found me via Instagram. We had an hour-long conversation where she explained the benefits of an organic skincare routine; one that uses non-toxic, sulfate-free, natural formulas.

After hearing her story and her praise of the company, I was sold.

I signed up right then and there, paying the $85-ish fee to initially join while gaining access to an overload of pamphlets, brochures, and online libraries in order to “rep yourself effectively.”

I gave it a shot for a while; writing blog posts, doing a social media giveaway, and talking to a few friends and family members about the company and product line.

I was doing everything I was supposed to do…except actually using the product.

Now, Beautycounter does a great job spreading awareness of better skincare. They have a great, affordable product line that works for a lot of people. But for me, I felt I was in it for all the wrong reasons. So I stopped repping the company.

Why Go All Natural?

My (super) short stint with BC did open up my eyes to the importance of natural skincare lines. I mean, did you know that your skin is your largest organ? Meaning everything you put directly onto your skin gets absorbed into your body. This can disrupt your hormonal system by exposing yourself to toxic ingredients.

With my new found knowledge, I wanted to get on a natural skincare regime to start preventing these types of problems. So I started to experiment with other natural brands to see if anything worked for my lifestyle, my vibe, and most importantly my skin.

That’s when I discovered Ursa Major.

ursa major, an all natural skincare line that can be for both men and women

I first tried Ursa Major at my local waxing parlor, Spruce & Honey. They were known for carrying all-natural, organic lines of skincare so I knew whatever was on their shelves was legit.

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At the time, I was on the hunt for a new face moisturizer that worked with my dry, but oily af skin. The owner, Keely, suggested I try the Ursa Major Recovery Cream as a nightly application.

I took it home and put it to use. And I kid you not. After 3 days of using the product, my chin was no longer flaking and my nose stopped producing oil like the North Dakota pipeline. It was a goddamn miracle.  

After my first successful experience with Ursa Major, I naturally started to try some of their other products and ended up liking them all. Not only did I like how my skin reacted, but I also liked their branding (hello advertising geek), their ingredient list, and the fact that each product was unisex; meaning both you and your man can use the same stuff!

Now, that’s pretty rad and I'm stoked to be partnering with them on a little giveaway (see below)!

find out my natural skincare routine that uses organic ingredients for a healthier beauty routine

As a side note, if you follow me on Instagram you may have noticed that I don’t post or talk about a lot of brands or companies on there. When I first started the account, I made a promise to myself to keep it as authentic as I possibly could, meaning I would never promote or post about something that I didn’t already use or love. That’s just weird.

Of course, I get emails on a weekly basis form companies I’ve never even heard of who try to offer me free product in exchange for a post or shout-out on Instagram. Uhm, no thanks…

So when Ursa Major, one of my favorite companies I use, reached out to me about doing a collaboration, you bet your ass I said yes! Just know that I always have your guys’ back when it comes to promoting certain brands. I’ll always stick to what I believe in.

Ursa Major, a skincare line with healthier ingredients that can be used for both men and women to brighten your skin and moisturize the right way

So let's dive into my skincare routine and what products I use from Ursa Major and other companies I love for a well-rounded, natural skincare regime.

My Skin Type: Normal to Oily

Morning Routine

1. Splash face with warm water (I don’t use face wash in the morning as it strips my natural oils, making me even more oily)

2. Apply small dab of Vitamin C Serum

3. Cover face with Fortifying Face Balm

4. Spray of Herbivore Rose Water Spray

Nightly Routine

1. Splash face with warm water

2. Lather with small bit of Fantastic Face Wash

3. Apply fingertip amount of Golden Hour Recovery Cream (this works great as an deeply moisturizing, yet lightweight night cream or after being outside in the elements)

4. Apply Herbivore Lip Balm

On-The-Go or After the Gym

Essential Face Wipes to wipe away grime after a long day, after a workout, or to take off your makeup before you sweat! These seriously save my life.

Once or Twice a Week

I use the Bright & Easy 3-Minute Flash Mask twice a week whenever I’m feeling flaky or dull. It acts as a quick enzyme treatment that removes dead surface skin cells and rejuvenates your skin tone.

I also use Kopari Coconut Oil as a nightly moisturizer twice a week or on days that I wear a lot of makeup. Coconut oil is high in vitamin E, which helps protect your skin while the fatty acids in the oil can strengthen the skin's barrier to lock in moisture.

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XO, Cass

healthier skincare routine using all natural and organic beauty products to give you safer skincare and why you should switch too