How to Make A Bikini Wax Suck Less; An interview with a waxing pro

Whether it's brows, lip, bikini or Brazilian...getting a wax sucks.

With the warmer weather starting to creep in and summer just around the corner, getting a fresh wax is starting to get higher on your to-do list. With this newly added priority comes some major anxiety and (sometimes) major pain.

When I got my first bikini wax about two years ago, I thought I was going to pass out in the hours leading up to the big moment. After reading horror stories online and hearing from friends just how much it hurt, I wanted to turn around and run for the hills, never to return again.

But that's when I found Keely from Spruce & Honey in Downtown Bozeman. She was my wax-tech in shining armour, there to save me from the most painful experience of my life. 

image by Amelia Anne Photography

image by Amelia Anne Photography

When I booked my first wax with her, she gave me the rundown. And I'm talkin' the nitty-gritty rundown. She didn't beat around the bush (no pun intended). She was open and honest and answered every question I had. When it came time to get my first wax with her, I stepped into her gorgeous studio and instantly felt a sense of ease wash over me. She made me feel as comfortable as possible in one of the more uncomfortable situations you can find yourself in.

So I wanted to share Keely's real and relatable advice on how to actually make a wax suck less. Now, let's be clear, the keyphrase here is "suck less." I believe getting a wax will always sucks, but there is definitely different levels of suckiness you can avoid. That's where Keely comes in. You'll love her warm demeanor, honest answers and upfront remarks regarding your hair removal process, no matter what body part that is.

image by Amelia Anne Photography

image by Amelia Anne Photography

The following is an interview with owner/founder of Spruce & Honey Waxing Parlor in Downtown Bozeman, Montana.

1. As a newbie, what should you expect going into your first bikini wax?

Here at Spruce and Honey our waxers will take you to a private room in the back and ask you to remove your clothing from the waist down (undies off too). We will leave the room and give you a little extra time in case you need to freshen up with one of our provided wipes. When you hop up on the waxing table, you can cover up with a little drape towel and move your legs into a lotus position (the towel stays on for a basic bikini and comes off for the brazilian). We will then give you a quick explanation of what to expect and walk you through the first pull. Don't worry, it starts to go pretty quick after that!

At the end we have you do a quick hug of your knees so we can do the bootie. After we remove all of the desired hair, we mist you with a little soothing aloe and hand you some coconut oil and a hot towel to ensure you are free of any sticky residue. We usually recommend avoiding hot showers, exercising, sex, pools or hot tubs for at least 24 hours to make sure your follicles close to prevent any irritation. 


2. Number one waxing myth?

That getting a brazilian is awkward. 

Don’t worry about feeling ‘naked’ around us. We’re women and we’ve got what you’ve got. Bikini waxes are not awkward—we do them all day long. We’ve seen it all, waxed it all. We are just concentrating on your hair, not your body parts. 


3. Do I have to wax all the hair off?

Not at ALL! In fact it’s quite popular to get a brazilian but leave a more natural looking shape on top. You may also opt for a basic bikini which will clean up any pesky hairs that fall out of your swimsuit line.

how to make getting a wax way less awkward


4. Can I get waxed during "that time of the month”?

Yes. We just suggest that our clients wear a tampon during their service. You may be a little more sensitive, but if you’re worried about what we will think, don’t be! If you don’t care, we don’t care.


5. Does the wax tech have to wax my butt?

Nope! Our bikini plus and brazilian bikini waxes all include the butt, but you can always opt out. If you are worried about it being painful, rest assured. Almost everyone says the butt is the least sensitive area. I can attest to that!-Cass

image by Amelia Anne Photography

image by Amelia Anne Photography


6. How do you avoid ingrown hairs?

Exfoliating and moisturizing! Exfoliating is crucial because the build-up of dead skin can clog the opening of the hair follicles and lead to ingrown hairs. Moisturizing will help the hair travel through the shaft of the follicle easier. 


7. What should I use to exfoliate?

We recommend using an ingrown hair serum that contains fruit acids that can break up the dead skin in the hair follicles and kill any bacteria. You can also use a dry brush or your favorite sugar scrub. I usually make my own sugar scrub using a bit of raw sugar, avocado or coconut oil and a few drops of tea tree for it’s antibacterial benefits.

oils of choice + raw sugar + tea tree essential oil

oils of choice + raw sugar + tea tree essential oil

homemade sugar scrub to exfoliate after a wax
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8. What are the top tips to make waxing hurt less?

-Plan your wax around your cycle. You are typically the most sensitive the week leading up to your period, and the least sensitive the week or two after.

-Take an ibuprofen 30-60 minutes prior to your wax. This can take the edge off a bit, but honestly 90% of our clients walk out saying “that was so much less painful than I thought it would be.”

-Chill out. The anticipation is much worse than the process. Plus, it only takes about 10 minutes!

Keely Degenhart

Meet Keely

After 10 years in Portland, OR, where she perfected the art of a lightning fast Brazilians and bold brows, Keely decided to move back to her native MT. Clients love her for her sweet and down to earth demeanor. When she’s not waxing, you can find her hanging out by the fire at her 1940’s log cabin with her husband Tory and their two beloved pups. When she’s not at home, you might find her digging through antique stores, picking out new products for the shop or back on her parents' farm outside of Billings.

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the top tips on how to make getting a wax less painful as told by a waxing professional