UPDATE: Marriage, New Business Ventures, And Everything In-Between

my life lately for the month of october

Hello, November! Welcome to my new mini-series where I give y’all the latest of what the past 30 days of my life have looked like. I can’t guarantee every month will be as exciting as the last, but I can always give you a laugh or two as well as a lesson learned.

This month was all about getting hitched (more on that later), taking on new clients, brainstorming “what’s next” for The Wellness Rookie, and getting ready to close a (huge) chapter of my life. So here we go.

October came and went faster than I could get a Halloween costume together. Which was totally true. This was the first time ever that I did not partake in any Halloween activities; no parties, no pumpkin carving, and no dressing up. And to be completely honest, I was A-okay with my decision to lay low and get shit done.

You see, for the past month, I’ve really been focusing on myself, my business, and learning to say “no.”  It’s been an interesting road as I’ve always been one to take on more than I can handle, lend the extra hand when needed, and be the ultimate people pleaser. This is due to a huge change that is coming my way where I’ll be closing a very big chapter of my life…more on that in the next few weeks (stay tuned!).

In other news, my boyfriend and I had a wedding earlier this month…a FAKE WEDDING! One of my dear friends, Nicole Wild, asked Cody and I if we wanted to be the newlywed couple for her styled wedding shoot (she’s a photographer and this was going to be for her senior project). It was definitely outside of our comfort zones, so naturally we said yes.

The shoot was out in Paradise Valley on a windy October Sunday. Nicole had some amazing vendors involved (see below) that made the day literally feel like real life.

the styled shoot we did in Paradise Valley, Montana for a wedding and engagement package

Vendors: Revolvr Menswear, Plume Bridal, The Gem Gallery, Wild Blume Floral Design, Shawny Carnahan Makeup, Music Ranch Montana, + Lo Magee Photography

The shots turned out amazing, and it was definitely an experience we could check off our bucket list.

October also marked 3 months into full-time solopreneur-life. This past month, I’ve really narrowed down my packages, honed in on my skill-set, and have landed a great group of clients for the next few projects, including working with one of my favorite skincare companies called Ursa Major. You can read more about that collaboration HERE

It’s been a really exciting time and I’m looking forward to growing my social media business in Bozeman and beyond.

I’ve also been really focused on “what’s next” for The Wellness Rookie. So I want to ask you, my biggest supporters, what do you want to see? Is it more events outside of Montana? Wellness retreats? More blog posts? A workout library? More #GIRLGETAFTERIT gear?

Whatever your ideas, please send them my way! You can leave a comment below, send me an email, or get ahold of me on the ‘Gram.

It’s now time to say goodbye to October and hello to November, the holidays, and most importantly the slopes!

XO, Cass

frolicking in the snow makes for one happy montana girl who loves being outside