5 Travel Essentials For The Sweat Enthusiast

what to bring for working out while on vacation and the must-have items for wokring out while traveling

I know I’m not the only one when I say that traveling sets my soul on fire. Whenever I come back from other places, I feel refreshed, inspired, and ready to kick some serious ass.

I also feel rejuvenated during my travels, as I love to try new restaurants, meet new people, and of course, hit as many workout classes as I possibly can.

After hours in a plane or many miles in a car, getting a sweat in makes me feel like myself again. It also lessens the over-indulgences I may or may not encounter while on these trips...

Although I can barely go a day without exercising, planning and packing for these workouts can seem like a nightmare. Questions and concerns can come up such as:

Where do I put everything?
Do I need different types of shoes?
But, I sweat a lot! I need to shower after I workout.
How can I afford to do all of these classes?
Girrrrl, I just won’t have the time.

Well, after countless trips, gaining insider knowledge, and learning from the best of them, I definitely think I’ve beaten the system. I’ve learned just how to afford these workouts, pack for these trips, and how to satisfy that craving for sweat.

Read below to find out the five travel essentials I recommend for the sweat enthusiast and how you can start planning for your next (healthier) vacation.

1. Look for Class Discounts

When you don't have a membership to a gym or a studio, single workout classes can get real expensive, real fast. So, I've learned how to "hack the system" by one of two ways.

First off, a Class Pass two-week trial is a great option if you don't already have a membership or if it's just not available in your home city (aka Bozeman, Montana). If you don't know what Class Pass is, it's a monthly membership that includes multiple gyms under one flat rate monthly fee. You can try any gym or studio that is a part of this program for one rate. Class Pass always offers free week trials or free credits for first-time users or people who haven't used it in a while. TIP: make sure you cancel it before your trial ends as to avoid the monthly charge.

The second option is to look for studios that offer intro rates or a "first class free" option. Since they offer these options in hopes of gaining a new consistent client and since you don't live there, make sure you give them a little thank you such as following them on social media or giving them a shout out to your community. Spread the love.

2. A Backpack

Yep, that's right. It's time to go back to middle school. 

Backpacks are seriously a life changing accessory for someone who workouts on the regular. When you go from workout to brunch to work then out to dinner, you have to pack multiple things to take you through the day. Items such as deoderant, a change of clothes, different shoes, your wallet, water bottle, and maybe a computer all need to be acocunted for. And how are you going to fit all of those things into a purse? See what I mean...

My favorite backpack of all time is the City Adventurer Backpack from Lululemon. I purchased the Chrome color, and it fits everything from my Macbook to my sneakers. 

what to bring for working out while on vacation and the must-have items for working out while traveling

3. Ursa Major Sweat Kit

If you follow me on Instagram, it comes as no surprise that I love me some Ursa Major. They create natural, organic, and beautifully branded (nerd alert) skincare products that make you feel like a whole new (and really clean) person. They have a travel kit made especially for the sweat enthusiast called The Traveler Kit filled with face wash, face wipes, deodorant, and face balm. 

4. Nadi X

Have you ever heard of vibrating yoga pants? Ya, me neither. That's until a company called Wearable X sent me a pair of their Nadi X yoga pants before my most recent trip to L.A. They use woven-in technology to send pulses and signals to your lower body to help guide you through their app-based yoga classes. Cool right? 

These pants are the real deal. You first start out by connecting your pants to a sensor. Then, you open the Nadi X app on your phone and start to flow with their instruction. Once you start to move and flow, the pants actually "learn" how your body naturally moves so it can adjust your poses accordingly. It's like having the hands-on approach of a yoga instructor with the ability to do high-quality yoga anywhere. These pants are a must next time you hit the road.

P.S. They are currently running a giveaway for a FREE pair of Nadi X on their Instagram

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what to bring for working out while on vacation and the must-have items for working out while traveling

5. Cross-Training Shoes

One of the biggest questions and concerns that I hear when it comes to working out while you travel is figuring out which shoes to bring.

Do you bring running shoes?
What about on days you lift?
But, I spin! I need my spin shoes. 

If you're not planning on sticking to just one type of workout, I recommend bringing a good, solid cross-training shoe that can do it all. Two of my favorite ones are the:
1. Adidas Ultraboost
2. Nike Free Run Flyknit

As far as specialty shoes go such as spin shoes, most every studio I know of will either have pedals meant for tennis shoes or spin shoes you can borrow fo free!

By incorporating exercise into your travel plans and bringing along a few of these essentials, a healthy vacation really is possible. All you have to do is pack for it.

Do you have any other workout essentials you bring along when you travel? Comment below and let me know! I’ve got a few trips coming up and would love to hear your tips.