Where to Sweat in L.A.

where to sweat in L.A. to try the best workouts in southern california

Working out is a part of my lifestyle.

If I don't do it for a few days I start to feel a little bit off - my body aches, I get anxious, I can't seem to calm down, and I definitely can't focus. So I make sure to sweat on a weekly (if not daily) basis to make my body and my mind feel good.

Making fitness a part of my lifestyle is no different when I travel. One of my favorite things to do when I visit other places is to try new workouts and check out all the latest studios.

While I prefer to sweat my way through a city, others tend to eat their way through one. And I'll be the first to admit that I definitely like to eat all the things when I travel as well, but it definitely lessens the over-indulging by incorporating a mix of fun, sweaty workouts into your plans.

When it comes to cities to sweat in, Los Angeles is one of my go-to travel destinations for keeping fitness a priority. It's also a super easy trip for me as 90% of my family lives in the area. From visiting L.A. so much, I've definitely found my favorite workouts that I want to share with you all.

From spinning with the celebs (literally) to flowing to a hip-hop yoga class, Los Angeles delivers when it comes to good workouts. Read below to find out what L.A. workouts I love and what you need to check out next time you visit.


1. Cycle House - West Hollywood

First stop, Cycle House LA in West Hollywood. I love the energy of the instructors, their branding (nerd alert), and of course, the sweat-drenching workout I get every time I go. Their workout is rooted in riding to the beat of the music, which is totally my jam. There have also been quite a few celebrity sightings at Cycle House, so if that's your jam, by all means stalk away!
And a plus? This studio is located right next door to Alfred Coffee...talk about a pick-me-up post-travel.

CLASS TO TAKE: Cycle House Ride with Erin

2. Playlist Yoga

I first heard of Playlist Yoga a few years ago when my sister and I decided to venture up to West Hollywood for some shopping. After emptying our wallets on Melrose, we conveniently ended the day by walking a block to Playlist. Their classes are all Vinyasa-based flows that incorporate a lot of movement, breath work, and candlelit vibes to some of the best tunes I've come across in a yoga class. 

CLASS TO TAKE: Playlist with Megan

3. The 12 Movement - Costa Mesa

Technically, this workout isn't in L.A., but it is a must-do if you are even remotely close to any of their locations! The 12 is a strength and HIIT-based workout started by two ex-corporate workers who were sick of the side effects of an office job. Each workout targets a specific muscle group, and if you were to go to one class a day, would provide a complete full-body workout.

CLASS TO TAKE: Legs/Glutes/Cardio with Matt

4. GritCycle - Costa Mesa

Even though this is another one of those "outside L.A. workouts", Grit Cycle is my favorite workout EVER so you MUST check out this studio before you die (but really). Each instructor brings the fire in each of their own unique ways. I've ridden country-themed rides, rides where the instructor doesn't even get off the bike, and classes where the music and the lights synced up like a rave. It definitely provides something for everyone. But, word to the wise? Make sure you register early as these classes sell out left and right.

CLASS TO TAKE: any class with Matt (seriously)

5. Y7 - WeHo

Y7 is a hip-hop yoga studio that started a few years ago in New York City. Of course, I'm a fan because they blast all my favorite beats like Drake and Travis Scott, but their class structure is pretty cool too. They usually take you through each of their flows 3 times. The first two times are led by the instructor, and the last is completely led by you and your memory (or creativity!). The room is hot, the candles are lit, and the vibe is high.

CLASS TO TAKE: We Flow Hard-Vinyasa

Sweating your way through a city can definitely give you an experience that does your body and your mind some good. It allows you to enjoy workouts you may not have back home while also giving you a chance to meet new people and explore the sights. Not to mention it cancels out all of the indulgent foods you eat while on vacay ;)

Do you have any other L.A.-based workouts you love? Comment below and let me know! I'd love to add in a few more next time I head to Cali.