Hangover Remedies To Get You Through 2018

how to cure a hangover and feel better after a night of drinking, especially for new years eve or any celebration involving alcohol

We've all been there.

You wake up in a daze; eyes still half closed due to last night's mascara keeping them shut. You take a look around your room and see your late night snack making a mess on your bed while 3 (maybe 5) different glasses of water are at your bedside table. You try to yell for your roommate to recall last night's adventures, but you can barely talk because your mouth is too dry. You immediately pop out of bed in a frantic mess searching for A -your phone, B -your wallet, and C -your brand new jacket that you most likely forgot at the bar. You find 2 out of the 3 and decide to lay your head back down after you realize it's only 6 AM. Your head starts to pound, your heart starts to race, and your cottonmouth now rivals the best of them.

This, my friends, is the beginning of a really really nasty hangover. 

The most booze-filled night of the year is just days away, but that also means one of the nastiest hangovers too.

Champagne drunk may be the best drunk, but it's also a headache in a glass. So how do you start out 2018 without your head hovered over a toilet or without handful of Ibuprofen in your system?

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Well, since I've had my fair share of nasty hangovers and Sunday weirds, I've definitely got you covered with this one.

As someone who used to party her days away Monday through Sunday, I've also had quite the go at testing out hangover cures. From Pedialyte to Extra-Strength Tylenol, and sweat boxes to shotgunning a PBR...I've done it all.

Now, nothing can actually cure a hangover except for time. But, as a New Year's Eve treat, I've put together 6 ways to help you with your hangover and make you feel like a real person again.

1. HYDRATE (pre, present & post)

remember to hydrate when you're drinking in order to avoid a hangover

Ever wake up from a night of drinking and feel super skinny, but super weak? That's because alcohol is a dehydrating agent by depleting the water content in your muscles. This dehydration is horrible for functioning as a human being. Our bodies are made up of nearly 75% water so that means every cell function, reaction, and metabolic activity (big word, I know) requires water. Without it, we just suck at life. 

If you plan on drinking that night, load up on water the day before. Shoot for at least half your bodyweight in ounces. Then, while you are boozing, drink water! A good rule of thumb is for every drink (or shot) you have, drink 6-8 oz. of water. And when you wake up the next morning, guess what? More water! Here's a little trick of mine: I take one of my big 32 oz. mason jars and fill it with water. I'll set it on my bedside table before a night of boozing so right when I wake up I can chug without moving a muscle. 

2. EAT

As a former college party girl, I know all about the whole "liquid diet" fad....and I also know that it doesn't work for shit. Not eating before you start drinking makes the alcohol 10X stronger. This also causes 10X more damage to your body. You need nutrients to absorb the alcohol in your stomach lining more slowly. And without them? You're on the fast track to hangover-city. 

Aim to eat a something that has a hefty portion of complex carbs -think brown rice, veggies, quinoa, oats or whole grains. For the day after, eat a healthy breakfast (stay away from the grease and junk!) with a source of good protein and healthy fat. 


Wait, WTF? 

Pickles contain key electrolytes that are lost when you become dehydrated -think potassium, sodium, magnesium, etc. When these electrolytes become imbalanced, key cell functions start to be compensated ...hellooooo foggy brain. Take a shot of pickle juice before you go to bed (or right when you wake up) to help bring your electrolyte levels back to normal. 


Now, I'm not saying "go sweat your ass off" as this will only add fuel to the fire (think more dehydration). Studies have shown that light movement and some activity the day after boozing will help with blood flow -returning more oxygen back to your cells. Some of the best ways to move are walking, a light jog, yoga, stretching, having sex, hiking or biking....anything to get moving! And if you live in the snow like me, I swear nothing is a hangover cure quite like skiing. 

>>Need a stretching routine? Check out these simple stretches I swear by.


Drinking depletes your vitamin and mineral levels (see above) because of dehydration, especially Vitamin B-12, a.k.a. the "energy" vitamin. These vitamins are prominent in IV's when people are in need of key nutrients and just not getting them on their own. After drinking, pop a B-Complex vitamin the morning after and you will notice your mood, energy, and thoughts improve. 


Fresh air means more oxygen to your brain and your cells which is proven to help people feel better. Getting outside allows for more Vitamin D absorption which can instantly help boost your mood and energy levels. Also, the act of being in nature can ground and connect you to the Earth's amazing energy pull. So get your butt outside! Maybe you can ride your bike to the store with your water to pick up your pickles and B-vitamins while getting some much needed sun. It's called "multitasking."

New Year's Eve is one of my favorite holidays. But, if done wrong, it can be one of the worst because of what follows. For this party-eve, be sure to follow these steps to beat your hangover to the curb.

Have any other hangover cures that you swear by?? Comment below and let me know!