How to Stay Fit on Vacay

As I'm sitting here traveling from Bozeman, Montucky, to Portlandia, Oregon, I have to admit I'm pretty happy with my life lately. It's been busystressful, jam-packed and tiresome, but I wouldn't have it any other way. My mindset these past few months has changed.....I no longer search for happiness in order to find peace. 
I am already happy. Peace has found me. 

This mere shift in thought has brought on a lot of new emotions for me. Some good, some bad, some confusing, and everywhere in between. I know I've been MIA on the blog lately (what's new), but that's why. Sometimes life gets in the way and you have to put things on stand-by. So here I am....back at my computer, typing away at my next post. But just a heads up, this won't be the last time I go missing from HelloCass....just always know that it's merely temporary :)

Since I am currently going to visit my best friend in Portland, I decided to focus on balancing travel and fitness here we go.

Traveling comes so easy for me......only pack a carry-on, check-in and print your boarding pass beforehand, don't you dare touch anything you don't have to (ew), and always always always chew gum like it's going out of style. These are the super simple rules you should live by when it comes to getting airborne. 

Another simple rule to follow (that may not seem so simple to some) is taking care of your body while on vacation.

Yes, vacation means you can eat all the ice cream in sight, drink beers until the sun goes down and lounge around the pool until your skin resembles the nearest KFC.....but you can NOT forget to somewhat take care of yourself in order to maintain those results you worked so hard to achieve for this very vacation. Why work your ass off only to lose nearly all your progress? That seems like one slippery slope you do not want to traverse. So here are my top ways to stay FIT while on vacay.....and don't worry, beer is included!

FIT Tip #1: Snacks on Snacks on Snacks.

Finding healthy, cass-approved food while traveling is damn near impossible, and when that hunger strikes there is little stopping you from grabbing that King-sized Reese' me, we've all been there. In order to stay on track and not fall off the wagon from the get-go, I recommend you pack your own snacks while flying and even driving. Some shit I like to bring along with me are a couple of Larabars (since they only use ingredients that I can pronounce), raw unsalted cashews (a little goes a longggg way), Seaweed Snacks (warning: check your teeth after eating these), and some piece of organic fruit. If you absolutely HAVE to choose something while on the road or in an airport, look for fresh fruit that doesn't look like it's been sitting there for weeks, unsalted nuts, beef jerky, or a garden salad with a vinegar-based dressing. Choose real, whole foods.... or as close to that as possible.

FIT Tip #2: Don't forget the balls.

.....Lacrosse Balls you sick-o. 
Trust me, a LAX ball will save your life while traveling. They are larger and more dense than a tennis ball, and they pack a serious punch. You know those sweet spots that get super sore after sitting for hours upon hours? Usually your hamstrings, back, shoulder and booty? While sitting on the airplane or in your car, you can place the LAX ball at different points across your body: under your legs where your butt and hammies meet, at your piriformis muscle in your butt (trust me, you'll feel this one), anywhere on your lower back, and my ultimate favorite....right in-between the shoulder blades. This piece of equipment is so cheap that it should be outlawed....I think I bought a 5-pack for $6 at a local sports store. WHAT?! Do yourself a favor and pick up a few next time you're about to go on vacation.

FIT Tip #3: Water first....then beer.

Flying in an airplane automatically dehydrates you....and that little glass of water the flight attendant gives you, which is maybe two gulps, will sadly not solve the problem. One way to help this and to save a few bucks in the process is to pack your own reusable, EMPTY water bottle in your carry-on. Fill it up right when you get inside. Then, chug the shit out that bottle like you're back in the glory days...aka college. Want another tip? Make sure your water bottle has a straw. It's a proven fact that people drink up to 15% more water throughout the day if they have a straw......Humans are weird.
And no, I'm not telling you to start drinking beer through a straw, but if you do, more power to ya.

FIT Tip #4: Make room for the goods.

I know, I know. You really want to pack those red high, highhh heels because you're going to visit your best friend ....and you will probably go out .....and you will most likely go dancing. Newsflash! Unless you're going to Vegas, how many times have you actually followed through with that plan of action? From personal experience, it has always been wishful thinking. Yes! I'm finally getting out of Montucky....we're going to drink champagne, dance on tables, and do it all in a pair of high, highhh heels! But in reality once you get to that point, A. you're probably too hungover to even stand in a pair of 1-inch heels, and B. there is no way in hell you're going to choose blisters over comfort for just a few hours of painful fame. SO...instead of those heels that will never be worn, pack some running shoes and a piece of exercise equipment, like a jump rope or a resistance band, something that will actually help instead of hinder your progress. I like to pack my lightest shoes and a jump rope....but forewarning, your bag will probably get searched like mine did earlier today when they thought it looked like dynamite (only in Montana....) but just packing them won't do you any good. You have to actually use them to get any benefit....just don't forget that part.

FIT Tip #5: Explore more.

One of my favorite ways to explore and get more out of the city that I'm traveling to is by one of two ways (or both if I'm feelin' frisky). The first is by running my little heart out in, around, up, and down the town. This is a great way to see the city from a new perspective. I never run so carefree or easily in my life than when I'm someplace new. My senses are over-stimulated and I forget that I'm even see the culture, the style, the architecture, the vibe, and the people of the city in a whole new light....all while getting one hell of a workout. The other way I like to explore the city is by trying out a new fitness studio, whether that's yoga, spin, kickboxing, you name it. You can use a handy-dandy app like MindBodyConnect and it will recommend a fitness studio near you as well as give you some reviews
.....And as an added bonus, most first-time students get in FO' FREE and who doesn't like free shit?

Hopefully next time you go on vacation you don't sit on your ass, eat everything in sight, and drink more than the Irish....well actually, I hope you do, but I also hope you take my tips into account next time you venture far from home. It's all about work hard in order to play hard. 
So have fun, live a lot, but don't neglect your health.