Get Back on Track in 24-Hours

Summer's in Montana only last for a solid two months....if we're lucky. 

The entire month of July and August are filled with rodeos, fairs, concerts, trail races, cookouts, camping, road trips, brewfests, and of course more rodeos. It's like the damn State of Montana doesn't think September-June even exists. Everything imaginable is packed into these two short months which means all out debauchery ensues every damn weekend.....And if you know me, you know the one thing I love more than chips and salsa is being a social butterfly. There's always a solid chance you could find me out and about at any of these festivities. 

With all the summer activities, my health and fitness definitely takes a backseat to good times with even better friends. Eating out, drinking craft brews, going to bed late, and even an occasional Rainbow Shot or two (shoutout to Cameo if you're reading this) becomes my normal weekly routine. Even though it takes a slight toll on my overall health, that's the beautiful rollercoaster we call "life." If we were fit allllll the time and healthy alllll the time it would be one boring ride. Life is about balance, making memories, and figuring out what works for you in the process. 

4th of July in PDX

4th of July in PDX that summer is over and fun was had by all, it's time to get back to that grind. 

It's time for Operation: Summer De-Fluff.

Since I partied on Sunday in celebration of Labor Day, I took yesterday to recover and enjoy all things hungover. We all know the older we get the more recovery time we need, so no way was I going to start my mini-detox yesterday. Hence today's the day for a better tomorrow....let's get this shit started.

Here are my tricks and tips to recovering and detoxing in a day's time. 

As one of most vital activities for our bodies, sleep is nearly a cure-for-all. When we sleep, our body goes into repair mode. It cleanses itself during this time, allowing your liver doing a lot of the dirty work in the early morning hours. Sleep allows our bodies to relax which in turn regulates our hormones, reduces stress and helps control your appetite allowing for you to wake up refreshed and reset for the day ahead.

Country Jam Music Festival

Country Jam Music Festival

A lot of people skip out on the most important meal of the day; breakfast. A good balanced breakfast within 90 minutes of waking is so important for replenishing your body's energy systems, fueling your body for the day ahead, and restoring your muscles and cells. I make breakfast my biggest meal of the day as it essentially acts as your lifeline right off the bat. My go-to, well-rounded breakfast is a 3-egg scramble cooked in Ghee with spinach, turkey, mushrooms and avocado to boot. You get your healthy fats and protein mixed with a little bit of carbs for an optimal fat burning meal that won't leave you crying for energy a couple of hours later. A 200-300 calorie breakfast just won't cut it....shoot for 400-600 of sustainable, good-for-you calories. Don't skimp out!

Our bodies are made up almost entirely of water. The more water we drink, the more we pee, hence the more toxins that get excreted out of our systems. Our cells need water in order to do their jobs with ease and grace. Just think of water as the oil that keeps our car running smoothly. People can survive three weeks without food and only three days without water. Think about it. A good rule of thumb is to shoot for half of your bodyweight in ounces a day.

Wedding Shenanigans

Wedding Shenanigans

Right when you wake up pop that probiotic. This little magic pill will restore your healthy gut bacteria and keep your digestion in check. They help detoxify the body by enhancing the antioxidant count within your bloodstream to release the heavy metals, free radicals and damaging bacteria in the body. In turn, this lowers your body's inflammation and revs up your metabolism in the process. Taking it first thing on an empty stomach allows it to go straight to work without anything in the way.

For the entire day, only eat real food that you prepare. This allows you to know exactly what's going into your body. Stick to whole foods, grass-fed meats, organic produce, and all the colors of the rainbow. This will replenish your body's vitamins and minerals that it may have lost. The more fresh fruits and vegetables the better.  A lot of people think a detox only involves drinking lemon water and juicing. In actuality, you need so many vitamins, minerals, fatty-acids, and proteins in order to allow your cells to fully release the toxins. They can't do that when all they're fed is juice and cayenne pepper. #duh

There is nothing that a good sweat session can't fix. When you sweat, toxins are released through your skin and sweat glands. This provides a similar benefit to releasing toxins in your urine. On a detox day, make sure you are performing cardio exercises in order to maximize your sweating powers. I recommend high intensity interval training to get the most bang for your buck. All out effort for 20 minutes will do more wonders for you than an hour of lolly-gagging ever would.

...and, of course, VEGAS

...and, of course, VEGAS

To go along with the workout, an Epsom Salt bath done at the end of the day will do amazing things for your health. The Magnesium in the Epsom Salts can help control blood pressure, relieve sore muscles, restore essential minerals, and relax the body. When combined with hot water, Baking Soda and a few Essential Oils of your choice, this turns you into a sweating machine. The Baking Soda neutralizes any minerals in your water and increases the heat content of the bath. Submerge as much of your body underwater as you can for 20-40 minutes and wait for the sweat to pour. This will release even more toxins in your body that have been built up. Once you finish your bath, make sure you take a shower so the toxins aren't reabsorbed into your skin. I recommend only doing one of these a week as the Epsom Salts can mess with your urinary pH if done too often.

Last, but not least....stretching is the final surefire way to detox in a day's time. Stretching motions that twist and wring your body aid in detoxification and digestion. If done before bed, stretching is also proven to help you fall asleep and into a deeper sleep. With a better digestive tract and better sleep, this automatically sets you up for success for the next day's activities. 

So that's it.....24 hours and you dropped 20 pounds, lost 5 inches and gained some serious muscle.
Ya right. 

This is just one day of many to rebounding from a summer full of fun, laughter and indulgences. You have to remember that hard work and consistency takes time and nothing is solved in a day. These steps will definitely get you back on track to building an even better you. 

Embrace the process and get excited for the future.
Do it to it.