Try this antioxidant-rich, vegan friendly ice cream next time you're craving something sweet and fast. With only 3 ingredients, it's extremely easy to get your health on!

Healthy Vegan Ice Cream

Matcha is one of my favorite superfoods. It has a ton of antioxidants, and I mean a ton. One cup of matcha is the equivalent to over 10 cups of green tea. Crazy right?

3-Ingredient Matcha Recipe

So when I say I'm obsessed with this stuff, obsessed is quite the understatement.

Banana Ice Cream

With Banana "Nice Cream" making a huge appearance in the healthy food swap world, I'd thought I mix things up by adding some matcha powder to the lineup...literally.

Healthy Ice Cream

This combination has only 3 ingredients...making healthy a piece of cake. 

Matcha Ice Cream

I like topping mine with cacao nibs and maybe a little maple syrup to sweeten the deal. Other people have topped theirs with nuts, seeds, honey, or coconut milk for them fats.

Vegan Ice Cream

Matcha, bananas and coconut milk...and maybe a little love.

3 Ingredients Ice Cream

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  • 1 tsp cacao nibs or any preferred topping



Make sure bananas are frozen all the way through before using. Place all ingredients (besides toppings) into high-speed food processor. Blend on high for 2-3 minutes, or until smooth and creamy. You may have to scrape the sides of the food processor every 30 seconds or so in order to mix evenly. Place Mixture back in freezer for around 1 hour. Makes 3 servings.