What 2K15 Means To Me

Holy shit......It's 2015.

As you read that line, the past 12 months probably flashed before your eyes and you can't grasp the concept that 2014 is almost over and done with. Time usually flies by for me too, but not this time around. Honestly, I can't wait until January 1st hits my iPhone lock screen. This past year has been one of the longest and weirdest years of my life and saying goodbye to 2014 will be the cherry on top to my really melty and freezer-burned sundae .

This past year I've had a lot happen.....

I lost my dad. I moved back home to help my mom where I took on more responsibility than I knew what to do with. I fell in and out of love with a guy that obviously wasn't right for me. I made a huge career change. We had a cancer scare in the family. I went on a ton of trips in order to "find myself" which only left me more confused and broke than when I started. And, at one point, I started to fall back into my old unhealthy and stressful habits that once ruined my life.

As you can guess, I'm pretty damn excited to flip my calendar in a couple of days to a beautiful and snowy January 1.

Now that I look back, I guess 2014 wasn't always a shitshow.....

The past year has brought me closer to my family than I have ever been before. I've seen more beautiful places than most will see in a lifetime. I have created new friendships as well as gotten rid of the ones that didn't serve me. I have helped others find their healthy and happy. And I finally started to figure out what really makes me tick.

I will be taking all the good from this past year with me into 2015 and kicking all the bad from 2014 straight to the curb. I already have some great things planned for the new year. I am taking my personal training exam in January to become a Certified PT and I'm headed back to school to study holistic nutrition. After receiving my certifications, I hope to get my health and fitness business up and running in full swing within the next year.

I have developed more determination and tenacity in these past couple of months to make this year one of the best years of my life. I have a few things in mind that I am going to do differently and a few things I want to start implementing into my routine. I have been thinking of a "New Year's resolution" that ties everything together. Something that I can remind myself of in order to make every day the best day of my life.

Usually with New Year's resolutions, comes failure....especially after the first couple of months. I fall off the wagon, I lose motivation, there is too much pressure and not enough time to fulfill my goals; all of these excuses seem to overtake my will power. I wanted to do it differently this year than some of my past resolutions....

"Don't eat anymore junk food"
"Workout every day"
"Cut out sugar"
"Call your family every week"
"Don't add any flavoring to your coffee"
The list goes on.

Versions of these resolutions seem to cross everyone's minds in hope of starting fresh, starting new. But, let's face it. What normal person has the time, not to mention the will power, to workout every single day and not shove a candy bar in their mouth every once in a while?

Some people say you shouldn't make New Year's resolutions and I'm going to tell you the same thing. I've learned that when I set unrealistic and specific expectations, I almost always set myself up for failure. Will power is one of the hardest things to master so why put yourself in a situation that you can't win?

When it comes to the New Year's fad I have one simple rule you should follow:
"Don't make New Years Resolutions, make a resolution"
Vow to yourself to find a solution to what's really bothering you and stick with it.

Here are my 5 steps to making A resolution:
1. Identify your problems
What is it that bothers you? Find what really causes your problems and think of ways you can avoid them.

2. Recognize the things that make you tick
What makes you jump for joy, smile when nobody is watching or want to leap out of bed in the morning? Start finding ways to do more of what makes you happy. Make it a part of your weekly routine, then daily.

3. Make it realistic
Don't set a goal and try to do it all in January. You want your resolution to be more of a mantra that you can sustain and make a part of your lifestyle.

4. Keep it simple
Don't complicate or over-saturate it. This only makes confusion and puts more pressure on you. The less details the better. Life isn't supposed to be complicated so don't make it so.

5. Take baby steps.
Your resolution is your long-term goal. The best way to attain this is to make mini-goals that help you get closer to your end result. By accomplishing these mini-goals it allows you to see your progress and gives you even more motivation to continue throughout the year.

Follow these steps to make your own resolution. One that you will stick with, one that resonates with you each and every day, and one that can become a part of your lifestyle.

My resolution for the upcoming year is simply this....to blow my own damn mind
But first, sequins, champagne and New Year's Eve.

-XO, Cass