Full Series - Business

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Full Series - Business

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A business spot in the entire workshop series (6 sessions total) - Two people per business
All Sessions from 5:30-7pm

March 20: What Is It + Why The Hell Do You Need It?
Key Takeaways:
An overview of social media platforms
Define why social media is beneficial to your business
Explore ways to find and measure the value of social media
The building blocks of a successful Instagram account
Target your audience and talk to the right people

March 27: Content + Strategy: What To Post + When
Key Takeaways:
The importance of content calendars + road maps
Tools + resources to help manage your Instagram + social channels
The balance of creation vs. curation
The art of planned spontaneity
Listening to the data to maximize your efforts

April 3: Define Your Brand, Grow Your Following
Key Takeaways:
Being yourself: Creating your unique, consistent voice
An overview of hashtags
How the algorithm works (for now!)
How to keep your audience engaged
Instagram stories: Humanizing your brand

April 10: Take a Break

April 17: 
Key Takeaways:
The importance of having a strong, consistent visual identity
How to develop your visual identity from the get-go
An overview of our favorite photo editing appsTips and tricks for creating eye-catching graphics
Our favorite tips + tricks for getting the shotWhy the Instagram grid is so important

April 24: Collaboration over Competition
Key Takeaways:
How to stay authentic to your brand while working with others
Partnership vs Collaboration: What’s the difference?
The importance of protecting your content
The deal on reposts, earned media + features
Boost your relationships with influencer marketing

May 1: Maintaining Your Social Success
Key Takeaways:
Save time and maximize your efforts with social media management tools
Explore other platforms to find what works for you
Social Media Dos + Don’ts