January Digs: New Year's Edition


Every month-ish, I'll be sharing 10 things that have brought me joy in hopes of sharing a little bit of happiness with you. These can be anything from clothes, workout gear and shoes, to books, beauty and food. I hope you enjoy My Monthly Digs!

*note: some of these links are affiliate links, meaning if you end up purchasing per my recommendation, I get a small kickback from the company for referring you. No, you don't "pay extra", but the company does give me a little thank you for sharing what I love. Thanks, y'all! 

What I'm Sweating In...

1. Outdoor Voices Double-Time Bra

pc @40wattphoto

pc @40wattphoto

This ballet-inspired bra is from Outdoor Voices who creates some of the comfiest workout clothes around. They are also made for people who are #DOINGTHINGS - click here to receive $20 off your first order!

2. Allbirds Tree Runners

I’ve been hearing about the Allbird hype for the past year and finally purchased a pair using a gift card I received at Christmas….now, I totally know what the hype is all about! They feel like you’re walking on a cloud.

3. Outdoor Voices TerraKnit 7/8 Legging

These knit leggings have been my go-to this winter. I also love wearing them under my snowpants whenever I’m out skiing as they are warmer than their regular material - click here to receive $20 off your first order!

What I'm Wearing...

4. Madewell Spotted PJs

You know when Facebook randomly places an ad in your feed for something you don’t need, but you reallyyyyy want? Yeah, that happened to me with these PJ’s….they are flannel, warm, and s’cute!

5. Fawn + Co Vintage Jeans

pc @daniellelopezphoto

pc @daniellelopezphoto

I’ve been such a HUGE fan of the ladies at Fawn & Co for as long as I’ve been in Bozeman. I first met them at the summer farmers’ markets when they were the only ones in town offering hand-distressed denim…now, they are the ONLY vintage shop I purchase from! Out of town? You can shop their Instagram!

6. Trim & Tailor Chloe Sweater

This grey cashmere sweater from Trim & Tailor is the definition of liveable luxury! I wear it with everything…vintage jeans, yoga leggings, a sweater dress, you name it.

What I'm Getting Healthy With...

7. Ritual Multivitamin

I’ve been taking Ritual for the past two months per recommendation from my good friend Diana Davis and I’ve been seriously loving the results. Most multis have 20+ ingredients you already get enough of from food. Ritual contains only nutrients you need, in bioavailable forms your body can actually use - including folate, omega 3’s, magnesium, and Vitamin D3.

8. Plant People CBD Capsules

CBD can have a bad reputation. It took me several months to give it a go as I was too intimidated by the unknowns, until I tried this supplement from Spruce + Honey. Calm’s beneficial blend of full-spectrum CBD and clinical strength adaptogenic supports your body’s ability to manage and deal with stress. It also promotes awareness while boosting body and brain function. Don’t believe me? Check out my blog post on My Experience Taking CBD here!

What I'm Skiing With...

9. FatCo Moisture Stick

Skiing in the elements can really fuck up your face. That’s why this year I’ve decided to make an effort to be proactive about my skincare in the winter with a few ski-bag essentials. The first is from FatCo with their Moisture Stick - I rub this all over my face before we head out to ski.

10. Doterra Jasmine Oil

This jasmine oil blend was first introduced to me through my good friend Clara of Revolutionary Lifestyle. She is the oils guru and recommended this jasmine oil for me post-ski days. It has a calming effect on your skin and soothes any windburn and irritation. I put it on right after I wash my face after skiing.

10. Ursa Major Face Wipes

Do I really have to go into explanation? Y’all know just how obsessed I am with this company and this product in particular. It’s such a treat after a day of skiing and being outside in the elements!

Thank you for checking out my new series!! Can't wait to share more digs with you <3

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