Girl Talk 

Cassidy Wendell and Shanna Tyler are proud to announce the latest event for the girl squad everywhere...GIRL TALK - NYC!

Finding your girl squad is hard. Like really hard. That's why GIRL TALK was created; to bring women together to collectively sweat on the outside and connect on the inside. 

GIRL TALK is the wellness event dedicated to doing just that.

Check out the full recap of the first-ever Girl Talk event HERE

GIRL TALK - NYC is happening.

Join Self Soul Sport and #GIRLGETAFTERIT for an afternoon of movement, conversation, and connection.

for who?

GIRL TALK is for the girls looking to connect with a like-minded, wellness community. For the girls wanting to find their own girl squad- through real, relatable connections. And, for the girls who think being healthy is really fucking cool.


Saturday, August 11th




To connect with, learn from, and flow alongside 40 other women as we figure out what a healthy community really means.


Bridging The Gap -let's bring together girl bosses of all different industries so we can learn from one another and flow together.



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