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it all started when...

I realized there was a serious lack of community in the health and wellness world after struggling to find a group of women I truly connected with. No one wanted to talk about the issues that actually mattered. No one wanted to get together and do something nourishing for our bodies. And no one had the drive to get after what it really means to be healthy.

So, instead of searching for a squad, I created one.

#girlgetafterit is a girl squad movement

It's a movement for the girl squad everywhere; connecting women all across the world through one simple hashtag to talk about real issues, relate to real problems and actually do something about it.

Because when shit gets real, we get after it.

join the movement!

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Girl Talk Sneak Peek_22.jpg

Girl Talk


Girl Talk


Girl Talk is coming to Bozeman!

The Wellness Rookie is proud to announce the latest event coming to town; Girl Talk.

Finding your girl squad is hard. Like really hard. That's why the #GIRLGETAFTERIT movement was created; to bring women together, relate to real issues, talk through real problems and actually do something about it by figuring out what it truly means to be healthy. 

Girl Talk is the wellness event dedicated to doing just that.

Check out the full recap of the first-ever Girl Talk event HERE

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Let's talk about the shit that actually matters

Girl Talk is happening.

Join me and 40 other women for a night of yoga, conversation and connection.

for who?

Girl Talk is for the girls looking to connect with a community of like-minded, wellness women. For the girls who think being healthy is really fucking cool. And for the girls wanting to find their own girl squad- through real, relatable connections.


Stay Tuned!




To connect with, learn from, and grow alongside 40 other women as we talk about the nitty-gritty side of what it really means to be healthy.